Bidcoin is the newly launched decentralized online Auction site that allows the user to save up to 30% on other cryptocurrency and items. It’s basically a retail website for cryptocurrency and e-commerce platforms that operate as a bidding fee auction, also called Penny Auctions. The platform provides an online entertainment auction site for cryptocurrency and retail commerce that enables the users to save up to 30% while purchasing items from their favorite e-commerce stores. Apart from encouraging the consumer to consumer interaction and trade, Bidcoin allows the users to win items of real value. 


Bidcoin is developed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional e-commerce and auction sites such as lack of trust and security. While most of the users depend on reviews and ratings posted by other users for the products they intend to buy, the unfortunate cases of fake reviews posted by fake accounts make it difficult for them to make the right choice. The other issues are of the bogus buyers and sellers which make the selling process less secure.

Being controlled by one organization also means there is an involvement of middlemen, especially in the case of big e-commerce giants, that leads to high commissions and increased cost for the end user. The high transaction and shipping fees is another disadvantage of the existing systems. In addition, the leading e-commerce platforms partner with hundreds or thousands of manufacturers who in some cases are not real manufacturers but middlemen who charge high commissions.

Bidcoin is here to overcome most of these issues, especially the one associated with affordability-as a lot of people are not able to purchase their desired products due to high prices. Through the Bidcoin platform, they may get a chance to own their favorite products by just making a small bid. Being based on the blockchain technology makes Bidcoin, secure, efficient and more transparent in nature. The bidding and cryptocurrency feature also brings a sense of competition and excitement into the industry, encouraging sellers to offer the products at a better price. The Bidcoin platform will list all kinds of items and provides utmost fairness in the bid process.

The users will get 5 bids upon joining the platform.

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Date & Time Posted Jun 6th 2018, 01:45:34

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